Like you, I wear my heart on my sleeve. (Especially when that sleeve is colorful and vintage.) I know how critical it is to stand out in the fashion industry. I also know that time is your most precious asset, so I provide Writing Services that give you more of it. Whether you want your fashion brand to whisper or scream, I will help you find its voice.

email marketing

Consistent, creative emails to customers and potential clients is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. From announcing new merchandise to promoting sales, I write emails that your clients will love to read.

St. Louis copywriter product descriptions

product descriptions

If your garment or accessory could speak, what would it say? (Aside from “wear me!” and “buy me!”) A well-crafted product description allows customers to easily understand the benefits of your merchandise. I write copy that acts as your (not-so) silent partner: it gets customers to click “add to cart.”


Blog posts not only drive traffic to your web site, they offer visitors a peek into your distinct point of view. While customers are learning about style tips or the inner workings of your business, it’s almost impossible for them not to check out the merchandise. I mean, it’s just a couple more clicks. . .


Never underestimate the power of a newsletter. Keep your best customers and supporters in the know about your brand’s exciting happenings. Bonus: because newsletters are delivered directly to a person’s inbox, the reader can easily save and share the content.

st. louis copywriter social media examples

social media content

Having a social media presence is critical to making sure your brand reaches the widest audience. A fun tagline or brief caption elevates your posts from “in my feed” to “must read” status. (And, all clients get free shout-outs on the Style Speaks Facebook page. Win, win.)

st. louis copywriter web content

web content

From “about me” bios to events pages to landing pages, you want your web site to be as visually appealing and cool as your fashions. I will generate content tailored to your site and style.

artist bios

The most important part of your brand’s style story is YOU. What makes inspires you? What sets you apart? After an in-depth interview and review of your work, I will write an artist biography that you can use in your portfolio, on your website, and in marketing materials.


What if you need writing services that don’t fit neatly into a category? Like an all-in-one mailer/press release/sign-to-display-in-the-store. No problem. You just share your vision. Let Style Speaks Copywriting worry about the words. And together, we’ll make magic.

Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse